Student Athlete Leadership Council

SALC Mission Statement

The Student Athlete Leadership Council (SALC) is a representative body of student athletes in the 10 -12th grade at Cleveland High School (CHS). The mission of the council is to focus on three areas:

1. The Student Athlete Leadership Council is the official representation and advocate for the student athlete population to the faculty, staff and administration.

  • Student athletes are invited to solicit the assistance of SALC when confronted with academic/athletic/performance conflicts

  • SALC may mediate disagreements between student athletes and teachers/coaches

  • SALC provides suggestions on how to successfully navigate Cleveland High School as an athlete

2. The Student Athlete Leadership Council encourages athletic participation and support from the student community.

  • SALC sponsors a program each season (fall, winter, spring) in an effort to raise awareness about the sport to the school community

  • SALC makes recommendations to fans for appropriate behavior at athletic contests

  • SALC investigates ways to communicate athletic news to the school community

3. The Student Athlete Leadership Council partners with the Athletic Department to provide student athletes with the best athletic experience possible. 

  • SALC provides suggestions to the Athletic Department on improvements that can be made to the student athlete experience at CHS

  • The Athletic Department consults with SALC when changes are made that will affect the student athlete experience

Membership and Meetings

One member from each team is nominated by their teammates and inducted by the athletic administration to serve a term of one school year.

Meetings are held monthly.

Council members that miss more than two meetings per athletic school year can be dismissed from the council.

SALC Selection Process

At Cleveland HS, each candidate will be evaluated by their program head coach or sponsor in the following categories:

  • Athletic Team Membership

  • Leadership Skills

  • Community Involvement

  • Citizenship

Program head coaches and/or sponsors use these categories to identify and nominate candidates who will best satisfy our council goals of (1) creating the most competent and effective leadership council now and in the future, and (2) providing the most meaningful leadership experience possible for everyone involved. 

Administrator and Coach Evaluations: Athletic administrators will discuss candidates for the SALC with their coaches as well as campus administration. The student athlete leadership program at Cleveland High School is predicated on the close working relationships students have with coaches and administrators. 

Athletic Director Observations: We strive to get to know as many student-athletes as possible at Cleveland ISD. We monitor practices, attend games and observe student-athletes as they interact with teammates, coaches, and administrators. Further, we have the opportunity to observe students as they serve in other capacities of student leadership at Cleveland High School. We will take into consideration all important and valuable information when necessary in order to make a fair and complete selection.   

Members of SALC: 

Our council will be made up of 19 total student athletes. We will have a council member from each of the offered athletic programs at Cleveland High School: Football, Cheerleading, Volleyball, Cross Country (boys and girls), Girls Basketball, Boys Basketball, Tennis (Boys and girls), Softball, Baseball, Soccer (boys and girls), Track and Field (boys and girls), Powerlifting (boys and girls), and Golf (boys and girls). 

SALC Information

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Deadline is September 13, 2023